Rock Band - "Speed of Life"

Gerard Butler was formerly a lead singer in a rock band called Speed. The band recorded 3 songs in total, and performed live at Edinburgh Festival.

The following history was provided by Alan Stuart, founding member of Speed:

Gerry and Alan met in a law firm called Morton Fraser. Gerry was a trainee solicitor and Alan was already a qualified lawyer. Alan had a band called "Speed of Life" with a girl singer called Gill Wood. Gerry wanted to hang out with the band and they became friends. Gerry told Alan he could sing and (after an impromptu audition in a pub toilet) ended up singing backing vocals in that band. They recorded three songs with Gerry doing backing vocals. They had some really wild times with that band until Gill left and they decided to carry on with Gerry singing on his own. You can imagine what a good front man Gerry was, and things began to take off for that band.

The bass player was Kenny Mullen who was at Glasgow University with Gerry and was Secretary of the Law faculty Law Society when Gerry was president. Kenny is a very fine bass player (his dad is a drummer). The drummer was David Watt who is one of Scotland's best drummers. David used to go clubbing with Gerry when they were at University in Glasgow. When Gill left the band they were round at a friends flat (in Edinburgh) who said that there was a guy who played drums living in the flat immediately above. They were looking for a new drummer so they went upstairs and David answered the door. Gerry didn't know that David was living there! And so they got their new drummer.

Gerry was quite wild in those days and you never knew what he was going to do next! The band had a residency during the Edinburgh Festival in the Fringe Club. They were the house band and went on at 1am after comedians like Rich Hall and Greg Proops had finished their acts. They used to pack the place out and rocked it till it shook. People had to dance on tables and chairs because there wasn't enough room. Eventually they had to hire Rock Steady to do the security as things could get a bit "lively".

It was not really a college band at all, and Gerry did make recordings, including the song "Going Down Slow". Speed played some big gigs including an open air gig in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh to an audience of about 10,000 people.

Speed was a cross between the Doors, the Stones and Sly and the Family Stone. Things however did not work out for Gerry as a lawyer and he left Edinburgh to seek fame and fortune in London, commuting up to Scotland for gigs. When the bass player announced that he too was going to London, that was the end of the band. They had a blast and Alan says he would not have missed it.

The recordings of the band are not available for purchase, but Alan says Gerry was justifiably very proud of his singing.

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