Gerard Butler & Lolita
                    Name: Lolita          
                    Animal species: dog          
                    Breed of dog: pug          
                    Sex: female          
                    Colours of eyes: brown          
                    Colour of coat: fawn          
                    Bought: spring 2006          
                    Owner: Gerard Butler          
                    Signature: xD          

Gerard Butler about his dog ...


"My leading lady is at home. I couldn't find her a dress because she is so small."


April 17th, 2013 Interview ShortList Magazine:

Is it true that you have a pug named Lolita?
"I know it's not politically correct to buy a dog from a pet store, but there was this one dog asleep with one eye open and its tongue hanging out. I pulled her out and she started biting the sh*t out me. I was going to leave but I couldn't stop myself, so I bought her and we immediately started putting cigarettes in her mouth and all that stuff - not lit, of course - and I realised you could have lot of fun with a dog. Until she started sh*tting all over the place. I was on a private plane once, and it was like somebody had bathed us in sh*t."

July 2009 - Interview:

"I love my dog but she was tiny and I guess I didn't realize that even when she grew up she was still going to be tiny."






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